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Boston Movers - Raimonds Movers - Boston Moving Company firmly believe moving does not have to be the stress filled experience it so often is.
Moving into a new home or building should be a great experience, and our company is your best choice for professional, reliable and safe moving and movers that are friendly and experts for your belongings and you.
Our company moves hundreds of people each year. But we never forget that each of those hundreds of moves is the only move that matters to each of our valued clients.
We're ready and waiting to handle your next move with a smile and customer service that will ensure that your moving day stays simple, painless and goes 100 percent according to plan.

Planning your move can be an adventure! :)
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Boston Movers - Raimonds Movers - Boston moving company.


For example:

  • From: 17 austin st, somerville
  • To: Dedham, MA
  • From: 02032        To: 02155

Boston ⟺ New York

Starting Only $1300
Licensed and insured

MDPU # 31418
DOT # 1797448
   2 men and a Truck

   Starting $100/Hr

Between 2-25 of each month
Go Celtics!
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 Moving distance:
Extra furnished rooms:
living room
dining room
play room
   Additional rooms not listed above:
Moving From: Moving To:
(if stairs) Floor # (if stairs) Floor #